Aerial work is nothing new.†† What is new is the way it is carried out.†† Modern technology has allowed cameraís and other monitoring equipment to be mounted to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) which can get a better view of itís target than a helicopter or aeroplane, due to better proximity.†† There being far less risk to humans too.


Tall structural, external inspections would normally require a team of specialists and many hours, or days, of rope work and climbing to get a result, which would then be analysed by the clients specialists responsible for the structure.


Area monitoring can be a very expensive proposition, when employing helicopters or aeroplanes to carry out the task.†† It also puts specialists in the air, and away from their actual task, for long periods.†† Much longer than the actual time spent monitoring a situation or area.


Aerial surveyís would, in the past, require a specialist aeroplane with pilotís, engineers and equipment to be employed and mobilised to the area concerned.


Choosing the right equipment for the job has always been best practice in any industry, choosing the right equipment and reducing risk takes it one stage further.


By providing a professionally trained crew, who have the knowledge to safely operate in the skies of Kazakhstan, using the best equipment available, we know that your† investment will be a good one.


By providing a complete service to achieve these tasks using modern UAVís, AT&T Airworks will remain at the forefront of technology, cost effectiveness and safety in Kazakhstan.


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