A brief description:


A Multirotor (Engined) UAV which is designed to carry camera equipment mounted on the main body.†† It runs on Lithium Polymer batteries, and is flown using a 2.4gHz radio controller.


Flight times vary, depending of the wind and task in hand, but are usually in the region of 10 to 20 minutes on a single charge.


The UAV has built in GPS and autopilot functions.†† These include fail safe systems which will fly it back to itís take off point in the event of a radio failure.


Two cameras are normally mounted, one for the Pilot, showing the orientation of the UAV and the main task camera which is normally controlled separately by a Second Operator.


The display from both cameras can be shown on separate monitors, so that the client can direct the Camera Operator and Pilot during the task.


Data, video and pictures are stored in the main camera, and can also be recorded on the ground.


Range is limited due to battery life and they are more suited for close up inspection work, general video and photography, and short term monitoring.


There are weather restrictions when operating, wind and rain being the major factors.



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