A Helikite is a Tethered UAV which is designed to carry camera equipment suspended from the main body.   The main part of the lifting apparatus is the unique combination of Kite and Helium Balloon.  


Flight times of up to 14 days, without the need for gas top up, have

Been demonstrated.   But obviously there are limits on the power a camera battery can provide.


We are currently developing a small wind powered generator to

Provide a charging current to both camera and transmission system for this UAV, to allow longer flight times.


One camera provides the required views, with overlayed flight information, the same as on a multirotor UAV, if required.

Data, video and pictures are stored in the main camera, and can also be recorded on the ground, via the telemetry link.


Flexibility is key with this UAV, the helikite can be launched from the ground, from a vehicle or from a vessel.


There are weather restrictions when operating, wind and rain being the major factors.   Actual visibility will also affect any results.

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